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A California Craft

Jenni Kayne Opens Doors to New Montecito Home Store

Written by Sofia Deeb | Photographs by Kelly Sweda


In the heart of Montecito, against a coastal backdrop like none other, Jenni Kayne’s vision of blithely unencumbered living comes to life.

Founded in Los Angeles, by Jenni Kayne herself, the namesake label has become an archetype of West Coast style. Jenni Kayne started as a fashion label back in 2003 and has transformed throughout the years to place an emphasis on lifestyle and wellness as a whole. Today, the brand offers clothing, home decor, and even skincare. With pieces that offer equal parts beauty and functionality, their goal is to make everyday feel effortless.

Last month, the team opened the doors to their third, and largest, home-dedicated store in the San Ysidro Village shopping center. In this new retail experience you’ll find timeless pieces for the bedroom or living room, including hand-crafted furniture, decor, and linens. The stunning location, featuring high ceilings and a cozy fireplace, offers the perfect space to gain inspiration for one’s own home.

Nature is woven into each of the designs you’ll find at the new Montecito store. Their furniture pieces made from organic wood are some of their best sellers nationwide. Kayne’s designs feature a style she refers to as “modern California minimalism”, so you can expect to see plenty of inviting neutrals and unique textures. They celebrated the opening with a series of events including wine tasting with Fess Parker Winery, olive oil tasting with Luretíc Olive Oil, and flower arrangements with Hogue Floral. There will be many more in-store events to come!

With their clothing store located in the same shopping center, and the new Jenni Kayne Ranch just up the coast in Santa Ynez, the brand has truly become a part of the Central Coast’s DNA. Considered by many to be the ‘ultimate California brand,’ their newest home store comes as the perfect addition to this quintessential California town.

Looking for even more inspiration? Jenni Kayne’s second book, Pacific Natural at Home, is out now. The book showcases several California women’s homes, revealing how their unique experiences have shaped the way they design, highlighting various aesthetics across the state’s four major landscapes: canyon, ocean, desert, and beach.


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