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Interview: Jared Ravizza

Meet the jack of all trades hoping to inspire others through love and nature

Written by Haven Heffernan


Jared Ravizza has worn many hats over the past couple of decades. From professional skier, to model, world traveler, social media mogul, and serial entrepreneur, he currently focuses his efforts on his philanthropy, Ravizza Global Initiative. The eccentric East Coaster was raised on snow and sun in a family of skiers, where he developed his love for the outdoors. Jared found a perfect outlet for this passion first through his work with Autism charities. In turn, Ravizza Global Initiative was born with the goal to connect children and adults with disabilities with outdoor activities and nature.

Jared’s organization has reached 47 countries around the world, providing access to unique experiences like surfing, skiing and sunset yoga. He is working on bringing these activities to the Santa Barbara area in the coming months. Community members with disabilities can anticipate sunset walks along the beach hosted by Jared. He hopes the opportunities will inspire others to connect with nature and instill the same passion for the outdoors that he has. The upcoming events will be announced on his Instagram account, @JaredRavizza.

What do you want the Santa Barbara community to gain through working with Ravizza Global Initiative?

I’d love for people to know that they have access to us, what we stand for and what we’re doing. I hope our work can inspire people to kickstart whatever they’ve been wanting to do, achieve the mission they’ve decided they want to bring to this earth.

What can attendees anticipate at these events?

It’s all based on the person and what they’re looking for. Some people leave and it’s a phenomenal spiritual experience for them. Others leave and they learn something about their future or themselves. There's a lot to be said about being on the beach and experiencing the ocean and the sunset, with the moon and the stars coming out. Maybe someone will learn a secret about the future, what’s to come, something about our ancestors, or a universal truth. It’s all about what the person is looking for, it's different for everybody.

Tell me about your future goals for Ravizza Global Initiative.

Continue to work and build the legacy of what we’re doing. Continue to connect people with one another and around the world.

As a philanthropist, what are your greatest strengths that inspire you to help others?

Love. In my life, I like to come at whatever I’m doing with love. Whether it’s business, philanthropy, sports, or walking my two black royal poodles on Martha’s Vineyard at sunset. Love is the greatest strength that all of us have.

What advice would you give to someone looking to help others?

Look within. Each of us have different gifts, abilities and talents that we’ve been given here on Earth. When we look within, it allows us to discover those things, cultivate them and use them to change people’s lives and help others.

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