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A New Wave of Coastal Fashion

Introducing Electric & Rose: a spunky, eclectic, rock n roll lifestyle brand

By Isabella Ballerini

Step into the sun-soaked world of Electric & Rose, where founder and UCSB alum Erin Chiamulon and husband, company CEO, Eric Balfour, infuse their laid-back lifestyle into every stitch of their clothing. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the pair about the creation and development of the brand. The two were such a joy to get to know and clearly embody the authentic, lively aura that their clothes emanate. 

As we got to talking, it became apparent just how much of themselves are ingrained in the brand. Named after the two avenues in Venice Beach where the couple met and grew their family, Electric & Rose reflects the love their community has given them throughout the years. As Eric puts it, “Every collection is born out of an adventure—having kids, the way we spend our weekends, family bike trips. We want you to live in our clothes.” One of the most beautiful aspects of the brand is their emphasis on “wanting everyone to feel like they can wear the clothes,” shying away from the luxe active movement and embracing a new, real, dimension to lifestyle fashion. To be Electric & Rose is to be timeless, avant garde and unapologetically yourself. 

It’s not just a beach brand for Erin and Eric, they say, “The collections speak to a certain spirit that is born from the ocean and from the vibrant neighborhood around them.” This vibe and style can be translated to go anywhere—the E&R woman can go to a beautiful party and then straight to yoga and then to school pick-up. There are no limits to the possibilities of this brand, because there are no limits for the people who wear their clothes. 

One of Erin’s favorite pieces, the sunset legging, is the perfect testament to this limitless lifestyle. As the creative force behind the brand, Erin loves to “design the essential pieces in a way that adds joy and attitude.” With a deep love for Japanese Shiburi, Erin set out to create a print that resembled a traditional dye pattern she found on a blanket. But Electric & Rose is nothing if not 100% hands on—Erin actually sat down on her kitchen floor and began dying the leggings from scratch. As the company grew, they partnered exclusively with family owned dye houses, ensuring that their community was, and always is, at the forefront of their brand. Each piece in the E&R repertoire is crafted with this personal passion and determination to create something reflective of their environment. Keeping it local is a part of what makes Electric and Rose so successful. By partnering with community artisans to help sketch out their latest designs, the company maintains its spontaneous and personal allure. The next drop of the E&R collection actually features a sweatshirt with hand drawn doodles designed by a close friend of Erin and Eric. The pair wants nothing more than for people who wear the brand to truly be the brand. 

While Venice was the couple's inspiration, the two see many parallels between their beloved home and the wonderful coastal communities within Santa Barbara. Once an SB resident herself, Erin has experienced first hand the majestic qualities that draw everyone to our shores. Both herself and Eric remain constantly in awe of the rich architectural beauty and the serene ranches up in Santa Ynez Valley. The lifestyle we have created here, in our spunky beach paradise, resonates with the duality their brand strives to capture—the women here exude both a poised elegance and a relaxed, chic demeanor. Eric notes that an aspect of Santa Barbara that makes it so special is the, “honesty of the community.” For him, this brand is “about being sincere and radiating what’s in your heart.” 

Through carefully curated collections that blend functionality with style, Electric & Rose offers apparel that is versatile, comfortable and infused with the laid-back yet adventurous spirit of the coast. Whether it's for the surfer catching the early morning waves, the artist finding inspiration in the sunsets, or a couple spending time at the beach, their pieces support and enhance these lifestyles. By capturing the essence of such a vibrant community, Erin and Eric invite everyone to embrace the unique rhythm of their daily lives. This brand is about authenticity, for those women “who don’t give a fuck—they’re cool because they’re cool not because they bought something trendy.”


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