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Simple Ways To Enhance Interior Design

Written by Emma McDonnell

Faitelle Attractions Santa Barbara
Photo courtesy @Faitellattractions

Once, not too long ago, the home was a transient space; a place that we would leave in the morning and return to in the evening. Now, our homes have become so much more. We work at home, we cook at home, and we exercise at home. Today, the home plays an all-encompassing and dominant role in our lives and as a result, we have become more aware of our immediate surroundings and are redefining our spaces.

Bringing a taste of New York to Southern California, Lisa Faitell of Faitell Attractions explains, “People are spending a lot of time in their homes, they’re not traveling, they’re not going out to dinner, and the concept of Faitell Attractions evolved from that.”

Located on State Street, Faitell Attractions is a curated resale and consignment store with an emphasis on mid-century furniture and is the physical extension of Lisa’s interior design business. Lisa selects pieces from upwards of twenty-five sources which are composed of consignment, vintage and antique shows, estate sales, and online retailers.

With her daughter Nikki, the duo has established a multidimensional brand. Lisa interior designs, curates, and also does window coverings, while Nikki handles the digital side as well as the store’s vintage clothing and accessories. “Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s challenging as you can imagine working with your mother is,” Lisa expresses with a laugh.

Faitell Attractions Santa Barbara
Photo courtesy @Faitellattractions

With over thirty years in design, Lisa always makes sure she’s tailoring her designs and services to her client’s wants and needs: “I love to work with clients and design their homes. I’m really good at assessing what they like and what their personality is.”

Luckily for us, Lisa is sharing a few tips and recommendations on how to make your space your own.

How can one easily add color to their home?

Through art and accessories like pillows, throws, rugs, lamps.

How does art enhance a home?

Art adds color and personality. It can tell a story and add warmth to a home.

What are the best fabrics and textiles to incorporate in one’s home?

It depends what climate you are living in. Cotton and linen are organic and breathable, which suits warm climates. On the other hand, wool adds warmth and leather is great for colder weather. But, I love to mix textures!

What is the most important part in a space?

Space planning is essential. Proportion and specs should be balanced to ensure functionality.

What are your tips for creating a cohesive, comfortable and beautiful home?

Make it your own! Choose a color palette that feels good to you and don’t be afraid to mix styles and textures.


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