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For the Goods of the People

(Photo by Silas Fallstich)

Pearson McGee and his husband Spencer Turnbull founded Santa Ynez General with the intention of providing “products that are still attached to people.” You won’t find any mass-produced items here. Each well-curated, luxurious piece was made in small batches by artisans, including the founders themselves.

In 2019, the couple opened the doors to their first Santa Ynez General location. After spending their early careers in the corporate realm, the two decided it was time to break free from the hustle, and pursue their passions. The serene Santa Ynez Valley offered the perfect change of pace from their lives in the city, where Spencer worked as an attorney and Pearson as a fashion executive. “There’s only now,” was their mantra throughout the process of starting their business, and their timing could not have been more perfect; just a year and a half later, they opened their second shop.

Located a few blocks from one another, the original store features a refreshingly modern selection of clothing (an exquisite contrast against the building’s old western facade), while the other houses an exciting array of home and lifestyle pieces.

Using his surroundings as the blueprint, Pearson curated the clothing shop to reflect the culture and community of Santa Ynez. The store features his personal designs, created exclusively for Santa Ynez General, which offer a glamorous take on classic equestrial styles. From organic cotton tees to leather sandals, they draw upon the colors of the valley and perfectly balance style and comfort. In addition to their own line, you can also find pieces from up-and-coming designers from all around the world. Artesano Hats decorate the walls of the store. Handmade and custom painted in Miami, these one-of-a-kind wool hats are a customer favorite. Brands like Blazé Milano, Frame Denim, and Cara Cara populate the racks.

(Photo by Silas Fallstich)

Whether they’re designing their own pieces, or combing the globe for inspiration, the founders are dedicated to keeping sustainability at the forefront of their business. This is certainly evident upon stepping into the home store. Clean beauty and lifestyle products adorn the shelves, including all-natural skincare, candles, and even cleaning supplies.

The store’s bestsellers are the whimsical six wick candles made by Style Union Home, a woman-owned company based right here in California. Other sustainable finds include Atelier Saucier table liners, sewn of upcycled fabric left behind from the fashion industry, and unique reclaimed wood furniture built in France. You can also find a lineup of Santa Ynez General exclusive items designed by Pearson himself; their suede kitchen accessories make the perfect gift.

Santa Ynez General is rapidly growing and their stores have come to define and elevate the community of Santa Ynez. Despite their second location opening just a couple months ago, Pearson and Spencer already have exciting new projects in the works.


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