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If The Dress Fits…

Written by Sofia Deeb | Photographs by Michelle Beller


Models Paige Collings and Enjoli

What defines the Santa Barbara bride?

Elegance with a touch of coastal charm is merely a snapshot–in this one-of-a-kind city, brides have come to make their own rules. Against the backdrop of the glistening California coast, the Santa Barbara bride dares to stand out. From bohemian to traditional, she takes center stage in one of the most picturesque wedding destinations in the country. We believe that every very soon-to-be-Mrs. deserves a dress with just as much personality as herself.

From our favorite local dress shops, we’ve rounded up some wedding dress labels for every kind of bride.

The Maximalist: RISH Bridal

Around the time that most children learned to ride a bike, Yoav Rish was sewing dresses from old tablecloths. Experimenting with shapes and silhouettes on his grandmother’s sewing machine back home in Tel Aviv, Israel would later lead to founding his own globally-renowned bridal brand, RISH Bridal. Rish’s designs are often referred to as boho-glam, but we would argue that there really are no words to describe this one-of-a-kind brand. From fringe to feathers and everything in between, RISH Bridal is for the bride that dares to be different. You can shop the adventurous collection locally at Moondance Bridal in San Luis Obispo.

The Minimalist: Made with Love Bridal

This Australian label quickly grew beyond the borders of the Gold Coast to become a worldwide favorite, and it’s no mystery why. Founder, Carla Jenkins’ sleek, modern designs prove that there is true beauty in simplicity. This family-owned brand is innovative in its inclusive, down-to-earth approach that is revolutionizing the bridal experience. You can shop Made with Love Bridal at The Dress Bride right here in Santa Barbara.

The Bohème: Rue De Seine

With an ever-growing collection of distinct lace dresses, designer Michele Corty of Rue de Seine aims to capture the “effortless bohemian style of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and its free-spirited residents.” This sustainable New Zealand company is truly unparalleled when it comes to innovative designs with a bohemian touch. With meticulously sewn lace fabrics, Corty’s gowns are designed to be marvels even from afar. You can shop Rue De Seine at Moondance Bridal.

The Traditionalist: David Tutera Atelier

Celebrity wedding planner and television host, David Tutera, is considered to be an expert on all things wedding, so it was no surprise when he ventured into the world of designing. His collection perfectly encapsulates the traditional romance and elegance that you envision when you think bride. From crystals to ball gowns, this label is perfect for any bride hoping to feel like royalty on their big day. Find David Tutera Atelier, alongside many other beloved brands, at Ana-Maria Bridal Boutique on State Street.

The Rebel: By Watters

Vatana Watters pioneered this family-owned brand when she realized her passion for making dresses for friends could become a career. Her goal is to understand how wedding dresses need to evolve in this time of ever-changing fashion trends. Her designs are oriented around five pillars: drama, comfort, style, versatility, and individuality. Stop into The Dress Bride to shop By Watters and find plenty of looks that bend the rules of tradition: from mini dresses, to jumpsuits and everything in between.


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