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What To Pack: European Summer Edition

Our must-haves from Rêver Atelier

Written by Elliana Westmacott


1. This two piece says comfortable and chic in an incomparable way. Whether you’re waiting for your early morning flight to the euphoria that is Europe, or you’re strolling down a bustling cobblestone street, this combination works. The pink is bold, yet sweet at the same time, and both items could easily be worn as either pajamas or casual daywear. It says summer’s stress free mornings with freshly brewed coffee and the echo of foreign languages outside the window.

2. There is nothing more perfect for a beachday in Europe than a woven bag. With plenty of room to pack the necessary items for traveling across seas or launging on exotic shores, this bag serves as the perfect carry-on. It’s simple, so it pairs with all colors of clothing, whether you’re feeling vibrant or netural, and the material allows enough stretch for a compilation of supplies. This bag will be your best friend on your journey through Europe’s natural and man-made wonders.

3. As for bathing suits, the key is to find one that will provide a decent tan line, for summer in sunsoked Europe leaves you with a tan that lasts. The European sun is nothing if not strong, and with this blush colored bikini, you can lay out for hours without care. It’s slim fitting and casual, yet beautiful in its simplicity. While living in the world of permanently salted hair and sand-caked skin, the comfort of a basic but precise fitting bikini will provide comfort for your sunny days.

4. The beige woven accessories are what Europe is all about. Like the bag, this hat pairs with anything. It’s rounded and classy. Pair it with a small pair of glasses and you will no longer look like the tourist that you are.

5. Throughout the year, when life is chaotic and there are always worries occupying your mind, there isn’t much time to feel carefree and confident. In this bright sea green dress, one can truly embrace those qualities and fall into the vacation attitude. In Europe, the meals are just as exciting as the activities. Sitting back in a long, soft cut out dress while enjoying the cool evening air and a unique supper will truly set your mind at peace. This long and flowing dress can be radiantly worn for most summer occasions.

6. While travelling to far places, you never know when you’re going to want to feel elegant. The sandal-like look of these shoes gives them the perfect summer effect, while the block heel and soft hazel color give them a subtle sense of class. Because of their basic exterior, they are excellent for pairing with different styles and colors, which is what you need when you can only pack so much.

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