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Aesthetics Above the Mask

Written by Taylor Roberts


While festive gatherings and exotic travels have been sparse the past year, it has allowed ample time to explore D.I.Y. self-care and beauty trends. Face masks, while essential for our health, have shifted our focus to beauty above-the-mask. As salons and spas have safely reopened and social events are on the horizon, I asked local beauty experts to weigh in on the latest and most relevant treatments.


Although covered partially by a mask, there is still plenty of visible skin to show off. Estheticians and sisters Dee Dee Serpa Wickman and MaryAnn Serpa of Skin Prophecy in Montecito offer result-oriented aesthetic treatments to treat all skin types. While skin care is unique to everyone, Dee Dee offers five key steps to optimized skin health and appearance:

1. Try to let go of the stress in your life.

2. Drink your water. To calculate how many ounces of water you should drink everyday:

divide your body weight in half.

3. Get your beauty sleep. Yes, this can make all the difference!

4. Protect your skin by wearing a physical sunblock, which is important for both short and long-term skin health.

5. Stay consistent with your skincare routine every day.

Dee Dee advises, “You need to wear a new mask each day, and if you're wearing a cloth mask, you need to wash it regularly using a chemical-free/dye-free laundry detergent (and skip the dryer sheets).” In addition to our at-home routines, Dee Dee emphasizes the value of professional treatments. Skin Prophecy has specific maskne facials to keep the complexion clean and smooth. Although our skin care routine has new target areas, it is as important as ever.

“Wearing these masks, we have less oxygen. Our skin breathes through the pores. If the pores are inadequate they will not breath properly. Oxygen is the most vital nutrient for our bodies.” - Dee Dee, Skin Prophecy


Our modern mask era is the perfect time to prioritize a quality manicure. Our nails take a beating from constant sanitizing and washing, so selecting nail products that keep them strong and long is essential. Heather Greene, owner of toxin-free nail salon Springtide in Santa Barbara, explains that interest in long-term beauty has increased in recent months, hence many people are moving away from dip manicures and towards non-toxic vegan gel. It is also the perfect time to incorporate nail art. Negative space nail art (the perfect mature design) has been a recent trend and will only continue as we enter the warmer, summer months.


From thin to full and lined to natural, all eyes have been on our eyebrows in recent years. We now have a vast array of eyebrow gels and pencils, alongside numerous waxing, threading, and tinting services. Tanna Zahony, owner of Tanna Rae Beauty Lounge, says Yumi Brow Lamination, which naturally lifts and shapes brows, along with brow shaping, have been among her most frequent requests. “It’s all about the eyes and brows now that we are masked up all day,” she notes. For an at-home pick-me-up, The Brow Mask from Sarah Maxwell Beauty is infused with collagen for restoring and strengthening, hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, and niacinamide for follicle elasticity. Simply, this brow mask is the ultimate product for noticeably fuller and lifted brows.


Eyelashes have the power to change an entire face, which is why mascara seems to be the most popular makeup essential. Long, full lashes are everyone’s wish, but this does not mean you need lash perms or extensions. Sarah Maxwell, the face behind Sarah Maxwell Beauty, recently released a collection of products called the Daily Lash Ritual. The lineup includes Growth Serum, Keratin Conditioning Treatment, Sculpting Mascara, and Lid and Lash Cleanser, which target length, growth, thickness, and repair, and eliminate the harmful, toxic chemicals that are often used in cosmetics. It’s the perfect ensemble to help your eyes smile while our mouths are concealed under a face mask.

After spending the last year in the privacy of our homes, we can only hope our debut into normal life with our best face forward. With the help of local beauty experts and clean products, our skin, nails, brows, and eyelashes will be ready to steal the show.

Skin Savers


Use the Guinot Lift Summum Serum in the morning and evening to even out your complexion. The powerful serum reinforces collagen production and elastin to restore a tighter and more youthful appearance.


Cleanse clogged pores and soothe irritated, acne-prone skin with this Bella Vida Blueberry Coco Charcoal Clay Mask. The antioxidant-rich mask is suitable for all skin types.


The luxe 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream is formulated with hyaluronic acid to fight fine lines and dark circles. Other ingredients like quebracho extract and rice bran oil protect the skin from environmental stressors, leaving the skin velvety soft.


Avoid signs of premature aging by applying a small amount of the Skin Prophecy 10% Clarifying Serum every other night. The gel also contains anti-inflammatory properties that heal and control pesky breakouts.


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