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Physical Attraction

Written by Celine Wallace


Photo by Jacqueline | Model Liza Kei

Quantum physics long ago determined that physical matter doesn't really exist and that everything is just energy in different states of vibration. This energy vibrates at an infinite number of subtle frequencies, causing it to appear like the other creations we see in our world.

As woo-woo as this may sound, it is a law of physics. There has been a great deal of research in recent years pointing toward that life is an energy flow rather than a collection of solid things. These results lead to the discussion that if everything is attracted to an equal vibration, what frequency am I projecting into the world with my thoughts, words, and actions? It's a confronting yet equally empowering thought that we have that much control over our lives.

With this level of awareness, we can deliberately alter our frequency and create our desired reality. If we're feeling down about something, we can choose to reframe the situation and raise our spirits. We stand a much better chance of bringing good into our lives with a renewed perspective and a higher, more optimistic energetic vibration.

The best place to start is auditing our lives, keeping in mind that everything in our energetic field will raise or lower our vibration. Let's look at some areas that could use review when curating a life by design:

1. Choose your words

The words we speak, read, and expose ourselves to are extremely powerful tools that we can utilize to uplift our energy and improve our lives. Even the words of others affect your vibration; spend a few minutes with a chronic complainer, and you'll feel your energy bottom out. Words have great power, so choose them (and your friends) wisely.

2. Filter your friends

Tony Robbins has a saying, "Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future." We are energetic beings, so we absorb the energy of the people around us, positive or negative, which alters our vibration. Looking for a solution and feeding off a problem are two very different energies. Everyone has bad days, yet some people thrive on cyclical drama, which is trauma-based and will suck you down with them. Take a moment to consider the energy you are allowing in your realm and filter accordingly.

3. Get offline

We can waste hours, days, weeks, months, and years aimlessly consuming information on our phones that doesn't enhance our quality of life. Make those decisions actively. Next time you pick up the phone or sit down at your laptop, ask yourself: do I create or consume? Being mindful of this will make your life more purpose-driven, otherwise, it threatens to turn us into hamsters in a wheel of information with no direction. Conscious creation and consumption of social media leads the way for your network to do the same and helps de-clutter the world.

4. You are what you eat

The saying, “you are what you eat,” has stood the test of time for a good reason. The food we consume is the foundation of a healthy body and good quality of life. There is ample research on how the gut is considered the second brain because what you eat affects the brain’s neurotransmitters and chemistry. Next time you think about eating, which I'm sure won't be long, ask yourself where the food came from. Did it come from a farm or factory? Are the animals free range or caged? Are the vegetables sprayed with pesticides or organic? Food energetics is a real thing, and produce loses up to 90% of its nutrients four days post harvesting, so try to eat whole and organic foods that are accessible, in season, and from local farms.

5. Move your body, move your vibration

It's well documented that working out releases dopamine and serotonin (the happiness chemicals) in the brain. Now, as well as being good for your physical body to release stagnant energy, movement releases these happiness chemicals, which will shift your vibrational point of attraction to one of more ease, happiness, and openness.

These five areas of life should set you on your way to raising your vibration. Start slow, take a step back, and make small changes to get better every day, because when you become better, your life becomes better, and such is the law of quantum physics.


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