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Relax & Reset

A preview of the upcoming Wellness Week at The Spa at El Encanto and an inside look at one of the newest treatments on the menu

Written by Maddy Sims


Step down the stairs at the infamous El Encanto, A Belmond Hotel and you’ll find yourself in a hidden oasis: The Spa. Everything—from the warm smiles of the front desk associates to the supersoft robes to the gentle music playing in the background—invites you to decompress. Even the neutral color palette softens your eyes and quiets your mind.

This effect has been carefully cultivated and curated. “El Encanto's wellness offer is inspired by the property's tranquil garden, ocean, and mountain setting; every opportunity is taken to conduct wellness and fitness in the beautiful outdoor setting—from the tranquil garden to the hills beyond,” explains Hima Duggirala, Marketing and Communications Manager at El Encanto. “Treatments seek to revitalize hard-working urbanites, with ingredients sourced from gardens, oceans, and mountains.” After spending my Sunday afternoon there, I can’t imagine a more perfect spot to escape from everyday stress.

I went to The Spa at El Encanto to try out a brand-new service, the 90-minute Body Regeneration Treatment. It’s like a full-blown facial but for your entire body—and it’s one of the most relaxing, luxurious spa experiences I’ve had to date. It uses products from Linda Ross (every treatment other at the spa does too). “Linda Ross is a storied celebutante spa therapist, and she only takes clients by referral,” Duggirala says. “Lucky for all of us, she does collaborate with a number of high-end spas worldwide, including The Spa at El Encanto.” (Psst: The Body Regeneration treatment is exclusive to El Encanto.)

It starts with dry brushing to help exfoliate dead skin cells away and prime your body for treatment. While dry brushing can be a little abrasive, my practitioner gently glided her hand across each spot she dry brushed. It was a thoughtful touch that made the dry brushing soothing and enjoyable.

Next, my practitioner painted the Linda Ross Colostrum Mask onto my skin. The mask contains a blend of natural growth factors, pre- and probiotics, and gentle exfoliants to eliminate dryness, balance your skin’s pH, and soothe the skin. It’s made with collagen sources from grass-fed, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free cows. It’s the strongest colostrum available because it comes from the first milking. The small, strong molecules are easily absorbed by the skin, promoting elasticity and smoothness of the skin. “It's very gentle and effective in giving the skin a glow and providing it with nutrients,” Duggirala explains.

Upon application, you can feel a slight tingling sensation—the mask working to reveal brighter, tighter skin. The mask is painted onto your legs, arms, and stomach—and then the practitioner wraps you up into a warm cocoon to let the mask really sink in. While the mask works its magic, your head, scalp, and feet are massaged with soothing essential oils.

You head into a private rain shower to rinse off the mask to prep for the massage. This was a highlight of the treatment for me: The warm water, the smell of the essential oils in the steam, and the fluffy towel at the end made it blissful.

Afterwards, I returned to the table (which was covered in fresh, new sheets) for the 50-minute full-body massage, which included an epidermal growth factor body cream. “This powerful body treatment lotion works synergistically with your skin to slow down the aging process while hydrating the skin,” Duggirala says. “It contains a Nobel Prize-winning protein, RH-Oligopeptide-1, which stimulates the skin’s ability to rejuvenate, repair and heal.” It also contains organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils and extra nutrients to soothe your skin (and your soul).

I left feeling lighter, refreshed, and more relaxed than I can remember feeling in quite some time. This treatment makes your skin glow, but it also makes you glow—everyone I walked past noticed how calm and relaxed I seemed.

This service is one of many on the extensive menu at The Spa at El Encanto. If you want to experience more of the spa’s wonderment, mark your calendars for Wellness Week. Monday, November 7 to Thursday, November 10, The Spa at El Encanto is launching new programming. It’s focused on helping you cultivate an intentional lifestyle, achieve meaningful goals, and flourish personally. Some of the practices include:

1. Ground Yourself

2. Water x Sound Meditation with Jobi Manson of Sefari

3. The Art of Preparing Challah with Dr. Beth Ricianti

4. Sip Your Intentions with Tea Master Zhena of Club Magic Hour

5. Reframe Aging with Dr. Lynn Rudman

6. Mindful Eating and Nutrition with Dr. Kristi Funk Ready to take steps toward a healthier, more mindful you? The programming is available to hotel guests and the local community. Travel up to the gorgeous El Encanto and journey into the serene spa for these wellness workshops. And maybe opt for a treatment (or two!)—you won’t be able to wipe the post-service smile off your face for hours. Trust me.

Visit El Encanto’s website for Wellness Week’s schedule and tickets:


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