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Dart Coffee Co

This eclectic coffee shop meets garden oasis offers patrons a choice

By Ella Heydenfeldt

Perched on my wooden chair, I bask in the sun with a lavender latte in hand and a fluffy croissant on the outdoor table before me. The oasis I have retreated to is surprisingly tucked away in the heart of the Funk Zone, and here is the perfect getaway for my coffee addiction to thrive while I am surrounded by luscious plants and good conversation.

Dart Coffee Co. presents a bustling coffee shop in addition to a beautiful garden and event space across the street. This offers a choice for coffee enthusiasts to remain in the industrial chic cafe or to venture into an idyllic getaway. 

Stepping into Dart Coffee, white shiplap lines the walls, beautifully contrasting the soft glow of white paper lanterns dangling from the ceiling. A row of open windows floods the space with natural light, and beyond them a line of customers wraps around the building—a testament to the delicious, ethical craft-roasted coffee that fills the gray and pink cups.

But the true magic of Dart Coffee lies just across the street, where the air is sweetened with the scent of lavender and lemon trees, mingling with the gentle buzz of bees and hummingbirds. Pathways wind their way through the garden and in the center stands a majestic tree adorned with twinkling lights. Sporadically placed wooden tables, low-seated couches draped with blankets, and petite metal tables are nestled amongst the foliage.

And let's not forget the culinary delights that await. My friend ordered the moist and chewy everything bagel topped with fresh cream cheese, in addition to the saccharine indulgence of the cinnamon crunch donut, fulfilling both sweet and savory cravings.

Taking a sip from the lavender latte warming my hand, I experience the blend of rich and floral notes. Biting into my croissant, the crispy exterior gives way to a warm buttery center that is so flaky it melts on my tongue. Time to relax, and enjoy the funk. 


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